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This guy just became a door freedom customer

Tired of relying on friends to muscle off your Jeep doors?

We all have them, the ones who often times are too busy or unavailable. BUSY playing video games, watching TV, Simply not interested.

Tired of working your hands raw from pushing, pulling, lifting?

Remember enough brute force and determination will get them off eventually

Done being frustrated and exhausted from the simple task of removing your Jeep doors?

Great, the doors are off but now you’re angry, tired, or don’t feel like going anywhere

Do you just want to gain your independence with this task?

We asked five Jeep owners why they do not remove their doors; one just doesn’t remove the doors and four replied that they have given up because it’s difficult and not worth the hassle

Do you want us to help break the barriers on your FREEDOM?

The right tool for the job is over half the battle and that is what we offer with Door Freedom


If you said yes to one of these questions (or if you laughed, you may believe one to be true so give us a look) and allow us to be your friend in the corner.)

Our product will always assist you in taking your doors off when your friends wont. This tool is: Fast. Easy. Simple.

Door Freedom will be there the moment you need it, waiting in the corner of your basement, shed, garage, etc.


Easy to Use and Stow

Remove your doors with ease and when you’re done simply store the door freedom removal tool in the corner of your basement, shed, garage, etc.


Can be custom made to fit the desires of its owner. Multiple powder coating options are available. This tool can also be branded with your clubs name, monogram, or insignia.

Gives Freedom to Adventure

this tool allows you to save energy so that you may better enjoy the freedom of the adventures that lie ahead.

Made in the USA

remember when this meant something? Well it still does to us. our tool is

100% made in the usa!