Freedom4x4 was established with one primary objective in mind.

Our mission is to serve our customers with high quality, easy to use, 100% American made Jeep tools designed to allow our customers to truly feel free.

Break the Barriers and
Let Freedom Ride.

Freedom4x4 was founded in 2016.

The product designs are an original concept developed by the Founder of the company who wanted to develop an easier way to remove the doors from his Wrangler.

Coming from a family of five, with all members owning their own Jeep Wrangler, there was a common problem between them all and that was the doors were seized and hard to remove.

This led to the invention of the door tool “Door Freedom” and ultimately to the rise of Freedom4x4.

We are a proud, veteran-owned and operated company who believes in giving back to those in uniform, veterans, and their loved ones.

These men and women, as well as their families, have sacrificed a great deal in the name of freedom and we vow to support them in all that we do.

We personally donate to organizations such as the Semper Fi Fund and The Fisher House Foundation and we will continue to do so as a business.

We believe in the American Dream and with that belief in mind we stand to make a promise to the American People and our customers abroad.

We will NOT outsource this company to produce overseas and we will NOT use machines in place of the many hardworking American people.

Every product we sell will be built by the hands of hardworking Americans right here in the United States.

Co-Founder lcpl Ronnie Knuckles, lcpl Brenden McCaffrey, Founder lcpl Adam Sharick


sgt Brenden McCaffrey, sgt Ronnie Knuckles, sgt Adam Sharick, sgt Jared Rinehart

Freedom4x4 tool products come with a one-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship.

Here at Freedom4x4, we take pride in producing American made products, keeping Americans working, supporting our troops, giving back to our fellow veterans and their families, and supplying high quality products that we, and our customers, can be proud of.

Thank you for visiting us, we hope our products will assist you in kindling the fire of freedom that burns within all of us.